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Accomplishment Statements: Introduction

Accomplishment Statements: Introduction

Author: Essential Skills
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Developing strong accomplishment statements enables you to stand out to your network and potential employers. By clearly stating your achievements and impact, others will be able to make the connection as to how you can contribute to their organization. These statements may be used in resumes, professional conversations, networking platforms, application documents, and interviews.

Imagine that two candidates are interviewing for a customer service position: Xavier and Maria. Xavier states that he has experience in customer service for a fitness center. Maria also states that she has experience in customer service roles, but she adds specific results. For example, she consistently earned 5-star ratings 95% of the time on customer service feedback surveys by accurately fulfilling customer orders. By clearly stating her accomplishment statement, Maria has an advantage over Xavier.

Developing strong accomplishment statements also strengthens your employability skills of communication and self and social awareness. 



As you develop your accomplishment statement, you will practice communicating this statement. You will learn to explain your achievements in a way that connects and resonates with your peers and potential employers. You will also practice delivering your accomplishment statement across various situations and audiences.

Additionally, you will strengthen your self and social awareness skill by reflecting on your accomplishments. Through this reflection, you will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, providing you with insight into how you can best contribute to an organization.

In this module, you will examine your accomplishments and practice communicating them through storytelling. You will also adjust your story and accomplishments to cater to a variety of situations and audiences. This ensures that your identified accomplishments and accompanying stories align with your career goal.