ACCT-220 Week 8 Homework Assignment

ACCT-220 Week 8 Homework Assignment

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ACCT-220 Week 8 Homework Assignment

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ACCT-220 Week 8 Homework Assignment

For the Week 8 homework assignment, you will create, save, and submit a Microsoft Word document that covers the topics listed below. Always include your name and a descriptive title in the file name.

Essay Topics for You to Prepare

Fraud Detection and Deterrence (www.acfe.com)

Internal Control (COSA: see www.theiia.org)

Certification: CFE, CIA, and CISA (return to www.isaca.org)

Following your review of course materials this week, using the websites above, create an essay of not more than two pages   Relate these topics to our course material for Principles of Accounting I.

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