ACCT 320 Course Project Paper and Presentation

ACCT 320 Course Project Paper and Presentation

Author: sweeden jorgh

ACCT 320 Course Project Paper and Presentation

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ACCT 320 Course Project Paper and Presentation

For this assignment you will select a case involving fraud, waste, and abuse with issues of both fraud detection and fraud deterrence. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation about the case you reviewed, your thoughts about the case, and any information you would like to comment on to your classmates.

The research paper requirement for ACCT320 is consistent with the UMUC’s objective to develop a student’s use of computer technology to perform research in his or her field and to develop written communications skills.

The course project paper due for this course is to be five to six pages in length, double-spaced, and followed by references. One inch margins are to be used with a 12-pitch font. The paper, including a reference list, is to comply with the American Psychological Association (APA) style rules. Times New Roman font is very readable and standard for APA formatting. Further information on APA style and formatting is available from the UMUC online library system and from the LEO classroom links. Completed papers are to be posted to the student Assignments folder.

Several typical issues are highlighted here to assist you with writing the paper. First, the first lines of all paragraphs in this paper are to be indented one-half inch. This can be done with the Tab key at the beginning of each paragraph or by paragraph formatting. Second, APA formatting uses in-text citations to identify the source you obtained information from in support of a statement in your paper. A reference list without citations to identify what source supports a factual statement in your explanation is not of much value. Third, there is a format to be used for listings in your reference list at the end of the paper. A list of hyperlinks is not a reference list. At a minimum, try to develop correctly formatted reference list entries for the articles or books you considered

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