ACCT 323 Week 4 Homework Answers

ACCT 323 Week 4 Homework Answers

Author: semona henkova

ACCT 323 Week 4 Homework Answers


ACCT 323 Week 4 Homework Answers

1) In the current tax year, Gunther earned $125,000 from his job as a civil engineer. In addition,

he received $30,000 of income from Activity A, and lost $40,000, and 20,000 from Activities B

and C respectively. Activities A, B, and C are passive activities that Gunther acquired in the

current year. What amount of loss may Gunther deduct on his current year taxes with respect to

each activity? What amount of loss, if any, must be carried over to the subsequent year for each


2) During the current year, Beth and Bill, who file a joint return, incurred the following items of

income and loss:


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