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ACCT 326 Writing Assignment #3While crimes against businesses (such as fraud, embezzlement, and computer crimes) does notresult in any physical harm to anyone, the financial damages have been devastating. People whowere affected by these crimes has lost things that cannot be replaced over time while the firms’affected will have the reputations affected for a lifetime. History may forget the individual victims, buthistory will not forget names such as Madoff & Enron.Locate a recent fraud, embezzlement, computer crime case that occurred within the last five years.The case chosen must have been committed in the last five years and the perpetrators should havebeen brought to justice (NOTE: If the case is still pending in the legal system, you will need to make arecommendation for punishment). Make sure that you have enough information about the case sothat you can answer the following questions:- Part I: What are the main facts about the case?- Part II: Apply the fraud opportunity triangle to the case and illustrate how the case complies (or-does not complies) with the triangle.Part III: If you can go into the mind of the person(s) who committed the crime, what do youthink drove them to commit the crime? Were there signals that could have alerted someonethat the person(s) were on the verge to commit this crime?Part IV: Since this crime was committed via use of some sort of accounting system, whatadditional controls would you recommend that be included to prevent or limit crimes like thisfrom happening again?Part V: If the person(s) involved have been convicted, do you agree with the outcome with thiscase in terms of the verdict? Was it too harsh or not harsh enough? On the other hand, if theyhave not been convicted, what sort of punishment do you recommend?

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