Author: Joyce Buda


ACCT 326 Writing Assignment #4When firms like Home Depot and Target become prime targets by hackers, the attack themselvesbecome front-page news. Firms like these have invested a ton of financial and non-financialresources to prevent such an attack, but the attack is successful. Financial and personal data havebeen compromised, and now everyone wants answers. Your challenge is to argue the position ofwhether or not companies should be held liable for losses sustained in a successful attack made ontheir AIS applications (sales, billing, cash collections, credit, etc.) by hackers.In support of your argument, locate at least three cases (one which can the Home Deport or Targetcase) where a firm’s AIS (or business system) was breeched by hackers. While supporting yourstance, be sure you address the following questions- Part I: Why should the firm be held liable (or not held liable) for losses sustained by-customers, employees, and suppliers per an attack by hackers?Part II: What are the main facts from each case supports your stance?Part III: How the firm’s response to the attack does support your stance?Part IV: What additional measures, if any, could have been taken by the firm, banks, andcredit card companies to limit losses?

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