ACCT 346 Week 4 Midterm

ACCT 346 Week 4 Midterm

Author: Harvey Maxwell

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1. (TCO 1) The goal of managerial accounting is to provide information that managers need for which of the below?
2. (TCO 1) Josie’s Grill budgeted the following costs for a month in which 1,600 steak dinners will be produced and sold: materials, $4,080; hourly labor (variable), $5,200; rent (fixed), $1,700; depreciation, $800; and other fixed costs, $600. Each steak dinner sells for $14.00 each. How much is the budgeted variable cost per unit?
3. (TCO 1) Which of the following is NOT a period cost?
4. (TCO 1) On December 31, 2015, GLE Inc. has a balance in the Work-in-Process Inventory account of $62,000. At January 1, 2015, the balance was $47,000. Current manufacturing costs for the year are $292,000, and cost of goods sold is $284,000. How much is cost of goods manufactured?
5. (TCO 2) Paul Company applies manufacturing overhead based on direct labor cost. Information concerning manufacturing overhead and labor for August follows.

Overhead cost $174,000 $171,000
Direct labor hours 5,800 5,900
Direct labor cost $87,000 $89,975

How much is the predetermined overhead rate?
6. (TCO 2) During 2015, Michael Company applied overhead using a job-order costing system at a rate of $15 per direct labor hours. Estimated direct labor hours for the year were 150,000, and estimated overhead for the year was $2,250,000. Actual direct labor hours for 20x1 were 140,000, and actual overhead was $2,400,000.
What is the amount of under- or over-applied overhead for the year?
7. (TCO 2) Manufacturers follow four steps to implement a manufacturing overhead allocation system. What is the first step?
1. (TCO 1) Which of the following topics is the focus of managerial accounting?
2. (TCO 6) Smile Labs develops 35mm film using a four-step process that moves progressively through four departments. The company specializes in overnight service and has the largest drug store chain as its primary customer. Currently, direct labor, direct materials, and overhead are accumulated by department. The cost accumulation system that best describes the system that Smile Labs is using is:
3. (TCO 3) Kerner Manufacturing uses a process cost system to manufacture laptop computers. The following information summarizes operations relating to laptop computer model #KJK20 during the quarter ending March 31:
Units Direct Labor
Work-in-process inventory, January 1 100 $50,000
Started during the quarter 500
Completed during the quarter 400
Work-in-process inventory, March 31 200
Costs added during the quarter $720,000
Beginning work-in-process inventory was 50% complete for direct labor costs. Ending work-in-process inventory was 75% complete for direct labor costs. What is the equivalent unit of production using the weighted-average unit cost inventory valuation method?
4. (TCO 2) Sweet Co. uses budgeted overhead rates to apply overhead to individual jobs. They use a system based on direct labor hours. Last year, the company made the following estimates for this year.

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