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ACCT405 Week 3 Homework Assignment

ACCT405 Week 3 Homework Assignment

Author: l marshall

 4. Willkom Corporation bought 100 percent of Szabo, Inc., on January 1, 2011. On that date, Willkom’s equipment (10-year life) has a book value of $300,000 but a fair value of $400,000. Szabo has equipment (10-year life) with a book value of $200,000 but a fair value of $300,000. Willkom uses the equity method to record its investment in Szabo. On December 31, 2013, Willkom has equipment with a book value of $210,000 but a fair value of $330,000. Szabo has equipment with a book value of $140,000 but a fair value of $270,000. What is the consolidated balance for the Equipment account as of December 31, 2013?
6.Goodwill recognized in a business combination must be allocated among a firm’s identified reporting units. If the fair value of a particular reporting unit with recognized goodwill falls below its carrying amount, which of the following is true?
Problem  9 relate to the following:
On January 1, 2011, Phoenix Co. acquired 100 percent of the outstanding voting shares of Sedona Inc. for $600,000 cash. At January 1, 2011, Sedona’s net assets had a total carrying amount of $420,000. Equipment (eight-year remaining life) was undervalued on Sedona’s financial records by $80,000. Any remaining excess fair over book value was attributed to a customer list developed by Sedona (four-year remaining life), but not recorded on its books. Phoenix applies the equity method to account for its investment in Sedona. Each year since the acquisition, Sedona has paid a $20,000 dividend. Sedona recorded income of $70,000 in 2011 and $80,000 in 2012.
 9.What is consolidated net income for Phoenix and Sedona for 2013? 
17. Francisco Inc. acquired 100 percent of the voting shares of Beltran Company on January 1, 2012. In exchange, Francisco paid $450,000 in cash and issued 104,000 shares of its own $1 par value common stock. On this date, Francisco’s stock had a fair value of $12 per share. The combination is a statutory merger with Beltran subsequently dissolved as a legal corporation. Beltran’s assets and liabilities are assigned to a new reporting unit.

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