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ACT Reading Practice

ACT Reading Practice

Author: Erin Basgall

At the end of this lesson students will be able to apply reading skills to various passages including prose fiction, humanities, social science and natural science. This lesson is intended to help students improve their skills for the ACT examination. Students will be able to read a passage on their own, after viewing the video, and apply the skills taught to them to their own passage. The next day students will be able to come into class and discuss their answers and reasoning to the passage.

For this lesson we will be looking at ways to read and comprehend a prose fiction passage. Students will be given their own passage to apply their learned skills after viewing the video. To start we will identify types of questions asked on the ACT examination within the reading question as well as how best to answer those questions. Then we will look at a passage and related questions and apply skills to answer those questions correctly.

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ACT Reading Passage Practice with Ms. Basgall

In this video I describe what a prose passage consists of and how to best use time answering questions as well as reading and note strategies. After viewing the video students will need to apply their skills to the PDF document below to demonstrate understanding.

ACT Reading Passages

These passages are a few examples with questions that you can practice with. Try out one of the passages that you find the most interesting and answer the questions regarding that passage. Make comments in the section below regarding your thought process as you are answering the questions. Make sure to use the three step process and plot diagram if need be! We will go over answers in class tomorrow and discuss how you came up with those answers.


Source: TFD 215