ACT Reading: Social Science Subsection

ACT Reading: Social Science Subsection

Author: Michelle Bauer
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This tutorial will explain the structure of the Social Science subsection of the Reading Comprehension ACT exam. It will explain important strategies for success and basic tips of the trade. Our experts here at Sophia have chosen these strategies based on their experience raising students’ scores.

  • When reading the Social Studies section, focus on dates, concepts, names, cause and effect relationships (between people, dates, concepts, events...), sequences of events, and compare/contrast.


  • Circle or mark important arguments, events, terms...


  • This section will present information from research. But also remember to pay attention to the author’s viewpoint bc the social sciences are not always objective. Also pay attention to the main point of the passage.


  • Lots of questions in the section ask about the main purpose, idea or point.

ACT Reading Comprehension: Social Science Subsection