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Active Reading

Active Reading

Author: Nikki Hansen

To provide the student with tips on how to be an active reader.

This packet includes 2 video portions, and 1 text portion. This packet is provided to help the student gain a better knowledge of how to be an active reader.

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Why Active Reading?

Active reading allows you to comprehend, retain and recall more of the content which you are reading as opposed to "passive" reading - such as leisure reading. 

How can I be an active reader?

- Take notes: Write down questions or ideas you may have about the reading in a notebook, or in the margins of your book.  

- Understand the main point of each paragraph: Read each paragraph thoroughly. Do you understand the main point? If so, add it to your notes - apply it to what you've learned so far.  If you don't grasp the concept, go back and read it again. 

- Read out loud.

- Study with other active readers.  Discuss your ideas together. 

Additional Tips:

- Question what you read

- Visualize what you read

- Connect the reading to yourself

- Make predictions in your readings

Active Reading Additional Tips Video

This video expands on the "additional tips" expressed in the text portion above.

Practice Active Reading