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Adaptations Worldwide Activity

Adaptations Worldwide Activity

Author: Sarah Thompson
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Choose one of the following regions to research:

  • African Desert
  • South American Tropical Rainforests
  • North American Prairie
  • Australian Outback
  • Lake Baikal in Siberia
  • Alaskan Tundra

Before you research, brainstorm adaptations that you think would be found in plants and animals in that particular region. Don't think of specific species just of general adaptations. Make a list of these adaptations. After you are done brainstorming, research your chosen region to identify common adaptations of the plants and animals that live in your chosen region. Again, you do not need to list specific species, just general adaptations. 

Now that you've identified ALL the common adaptations, give two examples (one plant and one animal) that is representative of your region. Discuss the adaptations your animal/plant has that make it a suitable organism for its environment.