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adc production

adc production

Author: creative biolabs

adc production

An antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) is formed by covalent biochemical conjugation of a monoclonal antibody with highly toxic payload drugs via a small molecular linker. ADCs are emerging candidates for targeted cancer therapies and due to the extreme toxicity of their payloads, ADCs are often considered as a new generation of highly hazardous and toxic pharmaceutical products. The unique nature of ADC presents challenges in its large-scale production. ADC manufacturing requires proper facilities that strictly follow the criteria and guidelines of cGMP-standard bio-macromolecule production. What’s more, these facilities are extremely stringent about aseptic production and they need to be operated under an occupational exposure limit (OEL) below 50 ng/m3. With over a decade of dedicated work, Creative Biolabs and our collaborators have established manufacturing platforms and pipelines fully designated for large scale recombinant protein, therapeutic antibody, and ADC manufacturing.

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