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ADCC-Enhanced Abagovomab

ADCC-Enhanced Abagovomab

Author: creative biolabs

ADCC-Enhanced Abagovomab

ADCC-enhanced Abagovomab is a non-fucosylated anti-CA 125 therapeutic biobetter antibody. Creative Biolabs' Afuco™ technology platform allows for the control of glycosylation level, thereby achieving ADCC-Enhanced Anti-CA 125 Abagovomab, a biobetter by reducing fucosylation of the Fc region of Abagovomab, leading to an increased binding affinity for the FcyR receptor on immune effector cells.
More specifically, the afucosylated therapeutic biobetter antibody was generated by recombinant DNA technology. It has been produced in CHO cells that are deficient for fucosylation and purified by affinity chromatography with protein G. The absence of the fucose residue from the N-glycans of IgG-Fc results in dramatic enhancement of antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC).

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