Add-em Up

Add-em Up

Author: Jody Johnson

This game allows for students to practice their math facts and problem solving. 

This game can be adapted for the k-3 classroom.

It practices addition and subtraction facts and probability. 

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Game Directions

Add-em Up


Materials:  2 players, 2 dice, counters and a game board for each pair of students.


Players place the counters below each number.  Player #1 rolls the dice and adds the 2 numbers.  He/she removes the counter that is under that sum. 

Example:  Player #1 rolls a 3 and a 4.  He/she removes the counters under the 7.

Players take turns rolling the dice and removing counters.  When a player cannot remove counters that match the sum they lose that turn.  Play until neither player can remove counters. The player with the most counters removed wins.




*Use a 12 sided dice.  Players roll the dice and subtract the 2 numbers rolled. He/she removes the counter that is under that  difference.




Players get 11 counters and can place them anywhere on their board.  The players then play either add/sub game removing the counters under the numbers as they play.

Example:  Player #1 places 3 counters under 7, 4 counters under 6, and 2 counters under 3 and 2 counters under 8.

They will soon see that 5, 6, 7, and 8 are rolled more often than the other sums.