Adding All Your Email Accounts to One Program: Apple Mail

Adding All Your Email Accounts to One Program: Apple Mail

Author: Linda Vann, PhD

Retrieve email from other services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) using your Apple mail program.

This brief tutorial is offered for the purpose of demonstrating the ease of populating various email accounts into your Apple mail program. Many email accounts will automatically populate all necessary fields after you enter basic information like your name, email address, password, and select account type (POP, IMAP, etc.). In my experience, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts populate automatically. Depending on the type of email account you are attempting to populate through your Mac mail application, you may need to ask your Internet service provider, or account administrator for incoming and outgoing (SMTP) mail server information so that you can enter this information manually into the appropriate fields.

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Easy As 1 -2-3-4-5

This brief tutorial will show you the basics of adding a new email account to Apple mail. Keep in mind that popular accounts like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail will most likely populate required fields after you enter basic information: your name, email address, and the password for the email account you want to add.

Some email accounts may not populate automatically; therefore, you will need to acquire some information from your administrator or e-mail provider. You may need to get the outgoing and incoming mail server to complete the "add account" process in Apple Mail.


To Access the Tutorial on your computer or mobile device:

Click the image below and, if prompted, enter the username and password listed below.

username: emaillearner
password: emaillearner13​



Source: Linda S. Vann using Articulate Storyline

Source: Powtoon