Adding Integers using Algebra Tiles

Adding Integers using Algebra Tiles

Author: Laura Martin

Students will watch a tutorial about adding integers using algebra tiles as a model.

Students will watch a demonstration of how to model and solve addition problems using Chip Addition in NVLM manipulatives and then follow the link to practice problems on their own.

Students will study the 2 simple rules for adding integers and apply that rule with Quizlet flashcards.

Students will take a 5 question quiz to check their understanding.

Through using the algebra tile model students can begin to build understanding of positive and negative quantities and the result of combining these quantities.  After watching a tutorial, and then a demonstration, students are asked to study the "2 simple rules." Using the rules students test this skill with flippable flashcards from quizlet and finally a 5 question quiz.

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Using Visual Manipulatives to Model Integer Operations

Using Visual Manipulatives to Model Integer Operations

In this recording, I will demonstrate how to use the model described in the previous recording using black and red chips instead of Algebra tiles.
After watching the screen recorded demonstration, follow this link :
to the NVLM website and scroll down to "Color Chips Addition" and play with the virtual manipulative yourself.

Practice the Chip Method of Integer Addition at NVLM website

Go to the NVLM website and scroll down through the virtual manipulatives until you see Color Chip Addition. Click and practice using the model to solve problems.


Adding Integers............... 2 Simple Rules! I Saw the Sign!

Adding Integers ……2 simple rules

Same signs:
    - add the absolute value             example:  -2 + (-5) = -7
    - keep the common sign                              10 + 11 = 21

Different signs:                                  example:  -6 + 2 = -4
    -  subtract the absolute values      (  6 - 2 = 4  and it is -4 because    
    -  keep the sign of the number
          -6 has a higher absolute value)




Source: Laura Martin

Quizlet Flashcards for Adding Integers

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

Please feel free to practice the quizlet flashcards above. Study the 2 simple rules and you are ready to take the 5 question quiz!