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Adding Integers using counters

Adding Integers using counters

Author: Vilencia Bowman

SC 7th Grade Mathematics Standard:   7-2.8       Generate strategies to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integer

By the end of this lesson students should be able to add integers using counters. 

Students will use number counters to demonstrate their understanding of adding two integers. At the conclusion of this lesson students should be able to formulate a written algorithm to add integers.

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Introduction to Adding Integers

Here is the basis of this lesson, in this video I work a few problem using number chips. Work along with me and see if you get the same answers. Don't be afraid to pause the video as you work your problems. I will also provide the homework problems in a pdf file after the video.

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Adding Integers

Draw number chips to solve each of the following ten problems. Include them in your notebook for class tomorrow's class.


Integer Rap

Here is a video that I found on youtube in which two students are rapping the rules for adding integers. Let me know what you think. How could you improve it, would you like to try and create your own?


Adding Integers using counters

Take this quick quiz of your understand of this lesson.



After completing this lesson and the ten practice problem you should have a better understanding of how to add integers.  Let's see if you can explain how add integers to the next group of seventh grade students. Summarize what you have learned in your notebook. You may draw examples, use a number line or number chips or write the rule for adding integers and determining the sign of your solution. Remember summaries must be in your own words.