Adding Multi-Digit Numbers

Adding Multi-Digit Numbers

Author: Rachel Casto

I can add whole numbers less than or equal to 1,000,000 using the standard algorithm.

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Key Vocabulary

place value-the value of where a digit is in a number
     **4th grade expectation-->ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions

sum-the result or answer to an addition problem

regrouping-reorganizing the formation of a group; used in addition when "carrying" over to the next column; used in subtraction when "borrowing" from the next column

Below you will find resources to help students add multi-digit numbers, with and without regrouping ("carrying").


Properties of Addition 
(Source: StudyJams)

Estimate Sums and Differences 
(Source: StudyJams)

Relate Addition and Subtraction 
(Source: StudyJams)

Add and Subtract Without Regrouping 
(Source: StudyJams)

Add Using Open Number Line
(Source:  Learn Zillion)

Add Using Partial Sums
(Source:  Learn Zillion)


Add Using Standard Algorithm
(Source:  Learn Zillion)

Regrouping-Uses "carrying" term, but students will refer to this as "regrouping"
(Source: Khan Academy)

Why Regrouping Works-Uses "carrying" term, but students will refer to this as "regrouping"
(Source: Khan Academy)

Examples of Regrouping 
(Source: Khan Academy)

Addition With Regrouping
(Source: StudyJams)

Adding With and Without Regrouping

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