Author: Steven Kenney
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Introduction to Psychology

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Adding Video Help

Use the above video to grasp an idea on how to add!

Adding is one of the most commonly used math skills used in the lives of people on a daily basis. It is a great basic skill to use with just about anything and once learned and mastered it is almost impossible to forget. Use the sheet below to get an idea of how some adding is done:

notice how the first column is added together. The easiest ay to think about it is, if you had one apple, and I gave you another apple how many apples to you  have? 1 + 1 = 2. So you have 2 apples. 

Another example would be a bag of crackers, if you have 5 crackers in your bag and I have 4 that I don't want and give to you ( 5 + 4 = ?) you can now lay the crackers down and add them together. 5 crackers + the additional 4 crackers now gives you 9 total crackers.