Addition Word Problems

Addition Word Problems

Author: Rebekah Groop

Learn to identify key words in addition word problems, including in all, altogether, sum, both, and total.

-Learning objective

-What is a word problem? Explanation and practice identifying a word problem, with explanation and answer included.

-What do I do in a word problem? Includes the four step process for approaching a word problem in math, with an emphasized focus on step one (reading and identifying the problem) since that is the learning this lesson targets.

-Become a word detective! Introduces the five key words from the learning objective and includes four practice problems. Includes answers and an explanation for the answers.

-Summary of learning and focus back on the objective

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Learn to identify the clue words in word problems that tell you to add!

Addition Word Problem Key Words WORKSHEET

This is the worksheet to go along with the powerpoint.

Full Screen

Addition Clue Words Poster

Here is a poster with some of the key terms we looked at!