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Additive Color

Additive Color

Author: Nancy Esslinger

In this lesson, you will learn how to recognize and explain additive color and its uses in visual communications.

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Notes on "Additive Color"


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Image of Old Computer Monitor with CRT Screen

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Image of Modern Computer Screen, wikipedia, Creative Commons

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Hexadecimal HTML Color Name Chart #2, wikipedia,

Terms to Know
Additive Color Process

the mixing of color with light; additive color is seen when light is projected.


cathode ray tube, name for the display found on older traditional computer monitors and television sets; CRTs use the additive primaries, RGB, to produce color.

Hexadecimal Color 

the color system used to describe web pages, defined by the base 16 notational system; Combinations of the numerals from 0 through 9 and letters from A though F are assigned to each color in this system.