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つもり、adjective + なる、どこかに/どこにも、で、電車

つもり、adjective + なる、どこかに/どこにも、で、電車

Author: Elena Yoo

Learn certain Japanese grammar, as well as vocabulary related to train  and train system in Japan.

Genki Chapter 10

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This week's lecture video

Watch this video, watch the additional video and practice 電車ことば on Quizlet. Also practice changing adjective words into 〜なる form on below Quizlet link.

Link to Tokyo Eye (NHK) - videos on transportation system in Tokyo (English)

Please click the link below and watch 4 short videos on Tokyo's transporation by NHK Tokyo Eye.



〜なる の練習(れんしゅう)

Change each adjective on this Quizlet set into 〜なる(become + adjective)You can choose game mode by clicking the drop-down menu.

電車ことば Quizlet リンク