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Adjectives: Degree of Comparison

Adjectives: Degree of Comparison

Author: José Ruiz

The objective tutorial is improving the students communicative skills and that they identify adjectives degrees (comparative and superlative) in context.

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Let's learn about adjetive degrees (comparative and superlative) with a wonderful infographic

Hello, I'm José Ruiz; your teacher. I'm very happy because I'm going to share with you many great things such as how to use degrees of comparation (comparative and superlative) in context. Now, see the following grammar infographic about adjetive degrees and make a sentence with every form. Please, care attention on irregular adjetives.


Let's learn about adjetive degrees whit a great video By British Council.

Wonderful, You have seen the grammar infographic about adjetive degrees (comparative and superlative). Now, in this video you can see when we use a superlative and comparative in context. You should be attentive to grammatical structures.
Then, You'll ready for take a grammar quiz about adjetive degrees. Let's evaluate your learning process.

Source: British Council.

Wonderfuil flashcards about adjective degrees.

Go to Quizlet and see wonderful flashcards about adjectives degrees and your pronuntiaction. 

Check it up:

Source: Quizlet