Author: Christine Farr


ADM2303 Assignment 4 Part IIPlease do not forget to: (1) Complete your statement of Academic Integrity within the body of yoursolution (front or back); and (2) to submit a PDF of your type-written (i.e., not handwritten)solution/report (recall that a submission cannot be marked unless it is in PDF format). A4-II will bemarked out of a total of 23 marks.Due-date April 10 2015Question 1 [3 points] Multiple ChoiceThe Canadian Council on Foreign Affairs (CCFA) has hired you and another ADM2303 student to help conducta national survey about the support in the general population for an extension to Canada’s military deploymentsin the Middle East. You have been allocated the Ottawa downtown area and need to select respondents for thesurvey.[I]. (1 point) If you decide to go to the Rideau Centre and position yourselves by the two entrances to theCentre and ask every 20th shopper entering the mall, which of the following sampling techniques would bestdescribe your method?(a) simple random sampling(b) stratified sampling(c) systematic sampling(d) cluster sampling(e) multi-stage random samplingThe CCFA has decided to follow up their initial study with two related but more complex surveys, S1 and S2,and you were assigned to the team working in the Ottawa Center district. More specifically, you were asked tocover the Glebe neighborhood.[II]. (1 point) The study coordinator has asked you to follow a cluster sampling technique when selectingrespondents for the S1 survey. Which one of the following strategies would meet this requirement ?(a) Select the first 10 homes you pass by as you enter the Glebe.(b) Select every 5th house on each street in the neighborhood.(c) Randomly choose two streets in the Glebe and ask the inhabitants of every home on these streets to fillout the survey.(d) Randomly select single family and multi-family homes proportional to the number of such homes in theneighborhood, as reported by Stats Canada.(e) None of the above.[III] (1 point) The study coordinator has asked you to follow a stratified sampling technique when selectingrespondents for the S2 survey. Which one of the following strategies would meet the requirement?1

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