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Admission Essays for Boarding School Applications

Admission Essays for Boarding School Applications

Author: Suzanne Collers

If you’re applying to boarding school, then you’re likely thinking about writing your admission essay. Chances are, you’ve even done an internet search for something like, “boarding high schools sample essay.” And I bet, you didn’t find that sample admission essay for boarding school applications.

The boarding school essay is a personal piece of writing. While you’re not going to find a sample essay below, I do have important tips from essay writing services cheap on how to write the best possible essay to help you get accepted at boarding school.

Pick a topic that interests you
. Most boarding school applications give you a few choices for your admission essay. Don’t pick the one that seems the most proper or formal or that you think the admission office wants to read; pick the topic that speaks to you. What interests you, what inspires you, which one will you want to write the most? If you enjoy the topic and writing the piece, your admission officer will see that in your writing.

Ask others for advice on choosing your topic
. Share your story idea even before you write it. Ask them if they would be interested in reading it, if the concept makes sense and if they have suggestions to improve it.

Put effort into that topic
. Think about why that topic interests you, and what story you have to tell relating to that topic. Yes, story. Your essay is a chance to tell a story and use details, interesting ones. If you’re bored by what you’re writing, chances are your admission officers will also be bored reading it. Avoid listing facts and figures, and instead paint a picture with your words that illustrates who you are as a person.

Be unique
. Find some way to make the topic your own and tell your admission committee something personal about yourself. Hundreds of essays will be submitted, so think about what aspects of your story might be interesting and not the norm. You don’t have to cure cancer or be the volunteer of the year. You can find ways to incorporate unique aspects of your daily life into your story.

Proofread your story
. A tip I like share is to read your story out loud; if you stumble on a word or phrase, then you want to go back and see if an edit is necessary to improve the flow of your piece.

Good luck!

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