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Advanced Algebra and Statistics Quiz Questions

Advanced Algebra and Statistics Quiz Questions

Author: Sophia Admin

Test your advanced algebra and statistics skills by answering the following questions! If you need help, remember to review the learning packets within this collection. Email your completed quiz to to unlock your Summer of Math Sophia badge.

-The Sophia Team

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1. What is the 5 number summary from the following set of data?  -8, -2, 0, 1, 5, 8, 11

2.  What does a correlation coefficient (r) of -.85 indicate about the direction and strength of a linear relationship between two variables?  

3. You are conducting a survey at your school, and randomly determine to survey every 10th student that walks into the cafeteria.  What type of sampling method did you use?

4. Solve for x:   7x2 + 3x - 4 = 0

5. Solve the linear system of equations:  -2x + 3y = 2

                                                                          -4x - y = -24

6. Solve for the center and radius of the circle:  x2 + y2 - 8x + 10y + 5 = 0


Email your completed quiz to to unlock your Summer of Math Sophia badge. 

Source: Rachel Bedo