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Advanced Ergonomics

Advanced Ergonomics

Author: michael ritchey

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nit VI PowerPoint Presentation  This assignment provides you with an opportunity to select an alert system, research it, and evaluate its quality and usability from an ergonomics perspective. First, identify an alert system. It can be an everyday system, or it can be one used at your workplace. Second, research the details of the alert system by using at least one resource in the CSU Online Library. You can include credible resources from the Internet, but be sure to include at least one from the CSU Online Library. Third, after effectively collecting all of the information about the system, evaluate its quality and usability from an ergonomics perspective. Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation with your results, and the presentation should include each of the following:   Briefly describe the alert system and the setting.  Briefly explain the purpose of the system.  Briefly explain what triggers the alarm.  Briefly explain how the employee should respond once the alarm triggers.  Briefly explain how human variability impacts the design of displays and controls.  Provide your analysis of quality.  Provide your analysis of usability.  (Not required) If you feel the system could be improved, explain how.  Include a title slide and references slide; however, they do not count toward the total slide count. Use APA Style for all intext and reference citations. Save all of your work, and submit it in Blackboard for grading. 

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