Adverbs! ("How")

Adverbs! ("How")

Author: Angela Rivas

Students will correctly identify the three types of adverbs:  how, when, and where.  

Students will view the tutorials that explain the three types of adverbs and allowing them to practice using their SSS packets.  

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You are about to embark on an amazing journey into the world of adverbs! Watch the videos, take the practice quizzes, and play some adverb games to show your skills.  Remember, don't be afraid to make mistakes--that's the way we learn!

1.) Intro to Adverbs Video-Grammarheads

3.) "How" Adverb Practice Quiz

Click the following link to practice your new-found knowledge of "how" adverbs!



4.) Adverb Word Search! (Just for fun)

Go to the following site and locate the adverbs in this online word search! Happy hunting!