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Author: mario fierro-hernandez

Recognize where design influences the advertising industry.

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Hi everyone. My name is Mario. I'd like to welcome you to today's lesson on advertising. So today we're going to look at how design influences advertising. As always, feel free to pause, fast forward, and rewind as you see fit and when you're ready to go, let's get started.

Advertising and design go hand-in-hand because advertising utilizes visual design in a variety of mediums in the industry, such as print-- plenty of that-- television, of course, and web. Advertising is a communication art form designed to sell a product or service and a common strategy of advertising is what's called an ad campaign, which is a thematic series of ads. So here's an example of that and I'm sure we've all seen this in practice. Each one of these is advertising Pepsi and you can see that it's using a common theme having the Pepsi logo play a role in the text, in print and also in web, as you can see here.

The ad campaign is also used to strengthen the brand of the entity by providing a streamlined message across all platforms of the marketing communication. And this is known as integrated marketing communications or IMC. Not all advertising or ad campaigns will directly convey a product. Although typically the goal of an advertisement is to sell a product or service, the same goal can be achieved by selling an idea. So companies will strategically select a target audience which is the intended viewership of an advertisement and then come up with strategies to advertise to that intended target.

A way of doing this is with what's called a unique selling proposition. A unique selling proposition is a marketing concept that refers to a product as unique among its competition. So in this example here, this is Tom's and you can see that even for someone that isn't familiar with Toms, they start to sell you on an idea-- "one for one"-- the idea that purchasing for yourself or giving to yourself and giving to someone else as well. Tom's advertises itself by choosing to promote its ideals over its shoes. And for those of you that may not be familiar with Toms, they're a shoe company that gives a pair of shoes to children in need around the world for every pair that you purchase.

So by the way, if we go back here to our "one for one" ad, this is also a good example of copywriting. Copywriting is the act of writing content in an advertisement. Don't confuse this with copyright, as in right or wrong. It's copywriting like writing with a pencil or pen. And copywriters are used to create tag lines, jingle lyrics like at a TV commercial or radio, web page content, and much, much more.

Well everyone, that concludes our lesson for today. We'll end with our key terms-- advertising, ad campaign, target audience, demographics, copywriting, and unique selling proposition. Hope you've enjoyed this lesson with me today. My name is Mario and I'll see you next lesson.

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Terms to Know
Ad Campaign

A thematic series of ads.


A communication art form designed to sell a product or service.


The act of writing content in an advertisement.


The given characteristics of a population.

Target Audience

The intended viewership for an advertisement.

Unique Selling Proposition

A marketing concept that refers to a product as unique among its competition.