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African art (Mastermind for Cubism)

African art (Mastermind for Cubism)

Author: Kwa Wei Choon

1. Intro on African art (MASKS)

2. What is the connection between African art Mask and Cubism concept ?

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Understand the colour scheme

Find out the category of the colours:-
3.Split- Complementary

Understand KOLAM DESIGN with a twist of Cubism

Its a form of drawing that is drawn by using rice flour/chalk/chalk powder/white rock powder often using naturally/synthetically coloured powders.

More complex Kolams are drawn and colours are often added during holiday occasions and special events.

Try those ideas, with a twist of "Analytical Cubism".

Sample: Mask Making with Clay.

Final result:

PICASSO ART Contest !!! (Online)

The most unique handcrafted masks made?

Ideas to creating unique, beautiful & luxury Handmade Masked.
Made some studies....


Introduction to (African Art) Masks

African masks are usually shaped after a human face or some animal's muzzle, albeit rendered in a sometimes highly abstract form. The inherent lack of realism in African masks.

* Picasso's African Period lasted from 1907 to 1909. This period, which followed his Blue Period and Rose Period, was also called the Negro Period or Black Period.

Week 7 -CA3 (African Art) Mask _ 10marks

1. Record, research and investigate the Origin of the Mask.

2. First hand observation on different type of mask from wide range of culture/ religion/ tribal.

3. Annotation and detail drawing (several mask)


Fang people of Gabbon for magic ceremonies.

* Watch the video link for more info.