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AIJ-1 Ch4.1-4.3

AIJ-1 Ch4.1-4.3

Author: Elena Yoo

Learn the basic verbs in Japanese, be able to construct S+V+O sentences in Japanese.



します present - past

affirmative - negative

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Learn how to construct basic sentences in Japanese

Basic sentence structure


(Person) は (general time/frequency) xfood を たべます。


わたしは まいにち パン(ぱん)を たべます。I eat bread every day.

はは は たいてい ごはん を たべます。My mother usually eats rice.

ちちは ときどき にほんご を はなします。My father sometimes speaks Japanese language.


はなします/たべます/のみます & variation

Watch this video and answer questions.

Vocab words

Practice these words and phrases.