Aircraft Carrier 1 day Lesson

Aircraft Carrier 1 day Lesson


To land a paper airplane on a Six (6) foot table.

Students will design, fly, and land their airplane on the Carrier Table.

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Air Craft Carrier Landing

Aircraft Carrier Landing


The pilots are returning from a humanitarian mission, dropping food, water, and medicine to people who survived a natural disaster. The pilots need to land on the carrier to refuel and resupply.



To land a paper airplane on a Six (6) foot table.



Working in groups of two (2) you will design and build a paper airplane that will be thrown Fifteen (15) feet away from the table.  Your goal is to land the paper airplane on the table. You can use the computer to find different styles of paper airplanes.  You and your partner must agree on the paper airplane that you are making. Your team will be making only 1 paper airplane.



Land on the Carrier (table) three (3) points.

Skim on top of Carrier two (2) points.

Hit the edge of Carrier one (1) point.



Here are some websites to look up designs for paper airplanes.