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Author: Nayeli Burciaga

The objective for this lesson is so the student full fills standard 5.9. The student must know the fifty states and their capitals this is a fun way for the students to familiarize themselves with the lesson.

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All About the 49th State.

By: Nayeli Burciaga


Standard 5.9 Students know the location of the current 50 states and the names of their capitals.

__Fun facts about Alaska__

FIRST Click the link below:

2) Click the box that says Facts about Alaska.

3) On page one of your work sheet you will see empty spaces fill them in with the correct information. (Look at the headings they will guide you to the correct response)


1) What is the Alaska state motto?

2) What two days are official state holidays?

2) The state capital of Alaska is ___________ has a population of _____________.

3) Alaska's state flower is  _____________.

4) Alaska was PURCHASED from what country ________________.

5) How much did the United States pay for Russia?

6) What Month, Day, and year did the moose become the Official Land mammal for Alaska?

7) After looking at all the interesting facts What was your favorite fact and why?




___The killer whale lives in Alaskan waters___


First click on the link below.

On the left hand side of the column there is a link that says Cool Critters Then click on Featured Critters Finally click on Marine Animals. You will notice that there are three whales that are listed. 

Click on the title that reads Killer whale/Orca and read: What's on the Menu? Everything and Black, White, and Wet allover. (scroll down until you find it) 

On a separate sheet of paper answer the following questions. 

1) Scientists have found remains of a Moose in a whales belly. 

 I knew the whale had ate the moose when......Finish the story

2) How long can a male killer whales fins grow? 

3) How long can a female killer whales fin grow?

4)How much do both female and male weigh together? Hint you may need to do some math :) 



____Alaska Native Language____

Click on the Link below.

You will see a picture of a man with a talking bubble, in the talking bubble there are two red ovals one has a sideways triangle, the triangle will play the word that you click on. The other red oval has a square inside, the square works as a stop button if you would like the man to stop speaking push the red oval with the square inside.


Listen to these words and try to pronounce them. Then you will rate them on a scale from 1-10. 1 means it was easy piece of cake. 10 means that it was very tricky to say.

Mother ____

Father ____

Ice cream ____

Snow ____

Yes. ____

No. ____

Hello. ____