Alexis' Tutorial

Alexis' Tutorial

Author: Alexis George
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POMPEII Tutorial!

This virtual field trip provides a way for student to explore the city of Pompeii on the final days of its existence. The field trip itself is fairly straightforward; the tile page explains the premise of the activity and instructs its audience to click on the cartoon volcano on each page following that page's completed activity. The activities vary from reading to video to game to journal entries. The variety of media usage appeals to different learners.


As for the homework assignment that goes with this field trip, an explanation and rubric is provided on the first few steps of the trip, setting the stage before delving deeper.


Click away and enjoy!


This virtual field trip introduces a whole new world for students at home! Through a series of images, videos, journals, and other forms of mixed media, students will uncover the truth of that fated final day in Pompeii.