Author: Nate Brown

The objective of this learning packet is to assist Algebra instructors with integrating video tutorials within their lessons.  The tutorials within this packet focus on problem solving and quality instruction.

The focus of this learning packet is on video tutorials.  This learning packet will focus on incorporating visual tools like video tutorials within the classroom.  This packet is designed for the educator looking for fun and exciting ways to bring technology to their Algebra class.  Algebra is one of the main branches of pure mathematics and is the  study of rules of operations and relations.  Some of the abstract concepts in Algebra may leave a student feeling lost and confused, therefore incorporating video tutorials can be used at the expense of the students to understand the concepts.

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Algebra & Variables

Basic Algebra

This video explains the concept of Basic Algebra.

Quick Algebraic Expression

This video describes an explanation of the "x" variable.

Algebraic Expressions

This video deomonstrates how to solve algebraic expressions.