Algebra 2: Day 1

Algebra 2: Day 1

Author: Charles Fogel

How to solve absolute value problems and inequalities in one variable.

How to identify functions and use function notation.

How to write slope-intercept forms of lines; how to find the slope and the intercept.

These are sections 1.6, 2.1 and 2.3 in Algebra2

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Solving and graphing linear inequalities in 2 variables 3

Recognizing an inequality from its graph.

Source: khanacademy.org

Solving and graphing linear inequalities in 2 variables 2

Second video on graphing linear inequalities in two variables.

Source: khanacademy.org

Graphing Absolute Value Functions

Khanacademy video on absolute value graphs

Source: khanacademy.org

Lesson2.3 Slope and Intercept. Finding and graphing linear equations.

Lesson on slopes and intercepts.

Source: Algebra 2 Common Core, Prentice-Hall

Lesson 2.1; Relations and Functions

Lesson 2: Relations, Functions and Graphs. Using equations to model real world phenomena.

Source: Algebra 2; Prentice-Hall

Lesson 1.63; Solving absolute value inequalities.

More inequalities in absolute value. Endpoints that are in the solution set.

Lesson 1.62

Checking extraneous solutions with absolute value equations; solving and graphing inequalities.

Source: Algebra 2; Prentice-Hall

Lesson 1.6 Absolute Value

Absolute value, solving absolute value equations.

Source: Algebra 2; Prentice-Hall


Syllabus for Azusa High Algebra 2 summer school course.

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