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Algebra 2: Day 1

Algebra 2: Day 1

Author: Charles Fogel

How to solve absolute value problems and inequalities in one variable.

How to identify functions and use function notation.

How to write slope-intercept forms of lines; how to find the slope and the intercept.

These are sections 1.6, 2.1 and 2.3 in Algebra2

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Solving and graphing linear inequalities in 2 variables 3

Recognizing an inequality from its graph.


Solving and graphing linear inequalities in 2 variables 2

Second video on graphing linear inequalities in two variables.


Graphing Absolute Value Functions

Khanacademy video on absolute value graphs


Lesson2.3 Slope and Intercept. Finding and graphing linear equations.

Lesson on slopes and intercepts.

Source: Algebra 2 Common Core, Prentice-Hall

Lesson 2.1; Relations and Functions

Lesson 2: Relations, Functions and Graphs. Using equations to model real world phenomena.

Source: Algebra 2; Prentice-Hall

Lesson 1.63; Solving absolute value inequalities.

More inequalities in absolute value. Endpoints that are in the solution set.

Lesson 1.62

Checking extraneous solutions with absolute value equations; solving and graphing inequalities.

Source: Algebra 2; Prentice-Hall

Lesson 1.6 Absolute Value

Absolute value, solving absolute value equations.

Source: Algebra 2; Prentice-Hall


Syllabus for Azusa High Algebra 2 summer school course.