Algebra I: Language of Mathematics Analysis

Algebra I: Language of Mathematics Analysis

Author: Jessica Yang

To gain knowledge and understanding behind the language of mathematics.

We will explore the mystery of mathematical language and gain a broader understanding behind it.

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Language of Mathematics

The language of mathematics is arbitrary. Mathematical notation is the content of assimilated symbols and variables from many different icons, alphabets and fonts. The symbols and variables are acronyms of mathematical grammar, which have different representations and purposes.

For a broader analysis of the language of mathematics refer to http://mathworld.wolfram.com/topics/HistoryandTerminology.html.

Source: Wolfram Research, Inc.

Table of Mathematical Notation


Symbol Representation
+ Addition Sign. Often referred to as the 'plus' sign.
- Subtraction Sign. Often referred to as the 'minus' sign.
x Multiplication Sign. Often referred to as the 'times' sign.
÷ Division Sign
= Equal Sign
| | Absolute Value
 ¹ Not Equal To
( ) Parenthesis
[ ] Square Brackets
% Percent Sign - Out of 100
å Big Sum Sign - Summation
Ö Square Root Sign
< Inequality sign. Less Than
> Inequality sign. Greater Than
! Factorial
 q Theta
p Pi
» Approximation Sign
^ Perpindicular Sign
Ð Angle Sign
! Factorial Sign
\ Therefore
¥ Infinity