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Algebra I: The Root

Algebra I: The Root

Author: Jessica Yang

To memorize how to solve roots.

The jingle is a short, catchy lesson to help us remember how to solve a root.

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Math Wizard's Notes

When finding roots, or x values, of an algebraic expression, set the expression equal to zero, then solve for the x value, satisfying the algebraic equation.

Steps to Find a Root

1. Set the algebraic expression equal to zero.

2. Find a value of x that satisfies the algebraic equation, or isolate the value of x to one side of the equation and solve for x.

Math Wizard's Art

The Root

They call me a hero

Because I satisfy f(x)=0.

But all I am is a root

Because when you add me,

Subtract me,

Multiply me by any numeric value

I make a zero

Because I am extraneously impossible.

Math Wizard's Exercise

=> means therefore

1. x+1

    x+1= 0 => x+1-1= 0-1 => x= -1

2. x-3

    x-3= 0 => x-3+3= 0+3 => x= 3

3. 2x

    2x= 0 => 2x(1/2)= 0(1/2) => x=0

4. 2x+1

    2x+1= 0 => 2x+1-1= 0-1 => 2x= -1 => 2x(1/2)= -1(1/2) => x= -1/2

5. 5x-10

    5x-10= 0 => 5x-10+10= 0+10 => 5x= 10 => 5x(1/5)= 10(1/5) => x= 2