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Algebra II Analyzing Graphs Day 1 Running Wild and Running Bob

Algebra II Analyzing Graphs Day 1 Running Wild and Running Bob

Author: Cinnamon Dull


(1)  Foundations for functions. The student uses properties and attributes of functions and applies functions to problem situations. The student is expected to:

(A)  identify the mathematical domains and ranges of functions and determine reasonable domain and range values for continuous and discrete situations; and

(B)  collect and organize data, make and interpret scatterplots, fit the graph of a function to the data, interpret the results, and proceed to model, predict, and make decisions and critical judgments.

Analyzing Piecewise and Application Function Graphs

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Analyzing Graphs Day 1 Waller High School Mrs. Dull

This video goes over two activities - First, Running Wild: this activity has graphs involving time and distance and piece-wise functions and the Second activity: Running Bob, answer questions about a graph involving time vs. distance. Created for Waller High School Algebra II Students. TEK: A2.1.B