Algebra II Lesson 1.5 "Absolute Value Equations"

Algebra II Lesson 1.5 "Absolute Value Equations"

Author: Chad Bray

To solve absolute value equations.

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"On Your Own"

Below you will find the PDF of WS 1-5 that you will need to complete the "On Your Own" portion of the lesson.

Video of the Lesson

PowerPoint of the Lesson

WS 1-5

Some of the problems from this worksheet have been selected as the "On Your Own" problems throughout the lesson. Work them out on a separate sheet of paper. We'll take some time in class to answer questions on any of these problems.

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1) Complete the "On Your Own" problems from the lesson (WS 1-5). Show your work!

2) Write a summary of the lesson. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and complete sentences.

In Class

Next time we meet in class, you will have an opportunity to ask questions about any of the "On Your Own" problems from WS 1-5. We will then work on an assignment from the book.

Pg. 36-37 #1-9, 13-14. You may get started on this assignment if you'd like.

You will have a quiz on Chapter 1 in the very near future!!