Algebra II Lesson 1.5 "Absolute Value Inequalities"

Algebra II Lesson 1.5 "Absolute Value Inequalities"

Author: Chad Bray

To solve absolute value inequalities.

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Video of the Lesson

PowerPoint of the Lesson

WS 1-5

You will need WS 1-5 to complete the "On Your Own" problems for this lesson. The PDF is below.

Full Screen


1) Complete the "On Your Own" problems.

2) Write a summary of the lesson. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and complete sentences.

*Remember that there will be a quiz on Chapter 1 soon!

In Class

The next time we meet in class you will complete the assignment below. You may get started on it ahead of time if you'd like.

1) Pg. 36 #16-27

2) Finish WS 1-5