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Algebra II Lesson 2.2 "Linear Equations"

Algebra II Lesson 2.2 "Linear Equations"

Author: Chad Bray

To write equations of lines in slope-intercept form.

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Review & On Your Own Problems

There are problems in both these sections throughout the lesson. Please complete these problems on a sheet of paper to be turned in next class period.

Video of the Lesson

PowerPoint of the Lesson


1) Complete all "Review" and "On Your Own" problems. Show your work!

2) Write a summary of the lesson. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and complete sentences.

In Class

The next time we meet we'll complete the "Heart Rate Activity". Then, we'll do an assignment from the book.

Pg. 67-69 #11-19 (odd), 33-41 (odd), 51-53, 71-73, 90-93.

*For #11-19 (odd) you need to also write an equation for the line in slope-intercept form. You may get started on this assignment if you'd like.