Algebra II Lesson 5.4 "Factoring Quadratic Expressions"

Algebra II Lesson 5.4 "Factoring Quadratic Expressions"

Author: Chad Bray

To factor quadratic expressions

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Video of the Lesson

As you watch the video, see if you can find a pattern that would allow you to skip using the diamonds and area boxes and go right to the answer. Just remember, the short cut will NOT work when the "a" value (the number in front of x squared) is something other than 1.

*Please remember that this is simply one method that can be used to factor quadratic expressions. If you know of another method that you were taught by another teacher, you may certainly use that method.

PowerPoint of the Lesson


Write a summary of the lesson. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and complete sentences.

In Class

The next time we meet in class we will be working on the assignment below. You may get started on it ahead of time if you'd like.

Pg. 263-264 #1-45 (odd)

*On problems where the "a" value is 1, you are allowed to jump right to the final answer in parenthesis. However, you must show your work on problems where the "a" value is anything other than 1.