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Algebra Riddle

Algebra Riddle

Author: Jacob Sorem

Practice using basic Algebriac principles in a multi-variable proof

Algebra can be a struggle for many. But, what if it can be proven that Algebra is a farce? Test your wits against this problem that seeks to destroy the very mathematical foundation of our universe. Two can equal one!

Update: New videos with better audio quality have been uploaded 7/14/2011

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The Proof

Algebraic Proof that 2 equals 1. Can you spot any errors?

Source: This was a problem my father showed me when I was in 7th grade

What's going on?

Can it be?  Can 2 really equal 1?  Or is this some elaborate trick?  See if you can find any issues before going on to the solution.

The Solution

Did you find the solution before watching this video?