Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic Expressions

Author: Julie Abbruzzi

Students will learn how to write algebraic expressions.

Algebraic expressions can be used to translate English phrases into math language.  An algebraic expression uses numbers, variables and operations.

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Algebraic Expressions include numbers, variables and operations.

Numbers:   2,   5,   3.5,   -9,   1/2,   etc...

Variables:  x,  y,   a,   etc...

Operations:  +   -   *   etc...

Algebraic expressions

How to write an expression.

Writing algebraic expressions

a ton of practice on writing expressions

Source: You Tube


In general, algebraic expressions make it easy to see the relationships without needing so much wording. Look at how much shorter is it to write J - 3  instead of writing My sister, who has always been such a pain, is 3 years younger than I am. Here is another link to practice with algebraic expressions.