Algebraic Proof

Algebraic Proof

Author: Jonathan Heeren
Description: Construct logical arguments and write proofs of theorems and other results in geometry, including proofs by contradiction. Express proofs in a form that clearly justifies the reasoning, such as two-column proofs, paragraph proofs, flow charts or illustrations. 

a) I can construct logical arguments.

b) I can write proofs of theorems.

c) I can write proofs of contradiction.

d) I can use multiple forms to express a proof that

    clearly justifies reasoning.

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Notes for Algebraic Proof

These are the notes that need to go into your notebook for points.

Basics of Algebraic Proof

This is a basic showing of how to write an algebraic proof.

Algebraic Proof examples

There are several examples here of what algebraic proof should look like.

Algebraic Proof

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