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Aligning Standards Based Instruction

Aligning Standards Based Instruction


This lesson provides students with the ability to analyze, select and align Content Standards in a Standards Based Lesson or Unit

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Notes on "Aligning Standards Based Instruction"

(00:00-00:19) Intro

(00:20-00:35) Objectives

(00:36-02:31) Aligning Science & ISTE Standards

(02:32-04:33) Aligning Math & ISTE Standards

(04:34-07:08) Aligning ELA, History, & ISTE Standards

(07:09-09:05) Tips & Best Practices

 (09:06-09:22) Review

(09:23-10:11) Reflection

Additional Resources

The Charlotte Danielson Framework for Effective Teaching and Standards‐Based Instruction

Resource from the Florida State Department of Education aligning the Danielson Teacher Evaluation Framework with Standards Based Instruction. This resource provides a side by side look at the Danielson framework with questions to consider in applying the component and its indicators to focus on standards based instruction.

Overview on Standards Based Alignment

Great overview on standards based alignment and transitioning to the CCSS from the Oregon State Department. This resource provides a clear framework explaining the CCSS, the rationale behind adoption and implementation, and shifts that will result in instruction and focus. This is a clear communication tool that educators may considering referencing when developing their own understanding of the shift or in developing a communication strategy for their organization.