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All Summer in a Day

All Summer in a Day

Author: Laura Bullard

** Next week we will be writing a paper.  You will be able to choose your topic, they are listed below.  We will not begin until next week.  In class today we began watching the movie version of All Summer in a Day which is one of the choice option.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO YOUR PAPER THIS WEEKEND!  Some students wanted to finish watching the video.


Watch the movie version of All Summer in a Day and continue to fill in your compare and contrast Venn diagram.

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Paper choices for Jan 6 ** VIDEO BELOW THIS!!!!

 **Ray Bradbury/Choice paper


Pick one of the choices below – push yourself to go into your growth zone but don’t get to your frustration zone. 


  1. Analyze Ray with a five paragraph paper that includes a thesis statement.  (see below)


  1. Write a three paragraph paper that compares and contrasts the story to the movie version of All Summer in a Day. (see attached worksheet)
  3. Write a two paragraph biography on the life of Ray Bradbury AS WELL AS write a summary of one of his stories with an alternate ending to either The Fog Horn, The Last Night of the World or All Summer in a Day.  (use 5 lines of dialogue, 4 figurative language, follow his style of writing)


Example for CHOICE 1

Paragraph 1:  Introduction


The introduction should introduce the topic of your paper (author study of R.B).  You can give a little background information about him such as when he began writing and some of his popular stories.  Your final sentence is your thesis statement and tells the reader about 3 things you will cover in this paper.  Choose from the following things: theme (end of mankind because of mankind’s actions, loneliness, sense of belonging) current topics in history, people’s emotions and vulnerabilities, use of figurative language, style of writing (use of dialogue, point of view, open ending stories).

*Example thesis statement below:

Ray Bradbury was able to write interesting stories that grabbed readers with his use of language, his fear of what technology could do to mankind and his style of writing.    

Source: Mrs. Bullard

You Tube All Summer in a Day

Source: youtube