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Allegory of the Cave

Allegory of the Cave

Author: Elizabeth Helfant
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Symbol and/or Allegory

Watch the slideshow and decide which are symbols and which are allegories?

What is the difference?

For each image, identify the allegory.

Allegory or Symbol

We will use DyKnow to view these images. This is here for later review.

The Allegory of the Cave

Before we start, let's make sure you understand some basic elements.



A type of narrative in which characters, events, and setting can represent abstract ideas or qualities.


What is The Republic?

s, events, an


Who is Plato?

A type of narrative in which characters, events, an


Who is Socrates?


Who is Glaucon?


Helpful Image

Resources to Support your Reading


I have provided you with a pdf of the translation that we will work from. I will also send you a copy via DyKnow in class.

You can print the pdf into Onenote and highlight using the highlighters found under the Draw menu.

You can also use Jarmal (you might need to download and install) - open your pdf as a background to annotate.



Other translations and formats exist.

Get The Republic in your favortie reading format.

The Kindle version can be annotated on a Kindle.

The html version can be copied into OneNote for annotation or you can download this OneNote section which also has an overview.

The Html version can be bookmarked into your diigo account and annotated.

A final option is Classrom Salon. -

Analyzing a Passage

Please work collaboratively on the google docs. You should see the document when you log in to your google docs. I have shared a copy with each member or the group you are in. 


Allegory of the Cave

We will watch this video. The others are optional.
As you watch, please type your thoughts into the DyKnow chat.

Claymation Allegory of the Cave

The Matrix -

The Matrix (explained)